Providing Companies With Cost-Efficient Insurance Options


Insurance Placement

Insurance experts recommend that real estate property owners shop around every 4-5 years for new insurance quotes. But, why you might ask? How else would you be able to make sure your current insurance rate is competitive with the market? If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it, right? Wrong! That’s exactly what insurance companies want you to do! Most of the time, if you look, you’ll be able to find a better rate and save hundreds, if not thousands, a year in insurance premiums. You have to be willing to look, consider other insurance providers, and ask for insurance quotes. If you haven’t tested the insurance waters in a while, then the time has likely come!

Alpha Risk has been purchasing insurance for real estate companies since 1981. We know which coverages are necessary and important for the industry, and we know what constitutes competitive pricing. Alpha Risk will work with your current broker, senior executives, financial executives and your risk manager, and will deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective program available.

Some of the services Alpha Risk provides:

  • 1 Builders Risk and Permanent Insurance
  • 2 Alpha Risk will lead the marketing effort
  • 3 Communication with broker
  • 4 Broker and carrier meetings
  • 5 Side-by-side comparison of quotes
  • 6 Recommendations