Providing Customized Claims Management Solutions


Claims Management

The management of claims is simply taking control of the claims process rather than relying on your broker or insurance company to be responsible for this very important area of your risk management program. Alpha Risk focuses on the cost of each claim. We will aggressively manage and follow important claims as your representative and intermediary to see that losses are adjusted promptly and in conformity with your insurance policies. We will build a three-to-five year system of your loss experience, studying loss frequencies, trends and causes, analyzing risk exposures and diagnosing problems. We will pinpoint how these risk exposures can be avoided, assumed, controlled, transferred (insurance), or financed. The end result is a customized solution for reducing claims and their costs.

Some of the services Alpha Risk provides are:

  • 1 Aggressive Claims Management
  • 2 Incident Reporting & Documentation
  • 3 Adjuster and Attorney Supervision
  • 4 Claim Review & Audits
  • 5 Claim Management Systems
  • 6 Claim Analysis