Experienced Risk Management Professionals at Your Service


Lender/Asset Management Company Services

Many real estate owners and managers employ full-time risk managers or risk management consultants that focus on protection of assets. Should you depend on someone else’s risk management program to look out for your best interest? If you do, that’s not a good risk management practice. Real estate lenders and asset managers are at risk if their properties are not properly insured. They need an independent risk management professional to make sure that their insurance requirements have been met. Alpha Risk knows real estate risk and would add value to any lending institution or asset management company.

Some of the services Alpha Risk provides are:

  • 1 Develop Insurance Requirements
  • 2 Review Certificates of Insurance
  • 3 Compare Coverage to Insurance Requirements
  • 4 Notify Client of Significant Changes
  • 5 Track Carrier Information
  • 6 Review Insurance Quotes
  • 7 Insurance Policy Review